Let the Chainsaw Rattle!

Sound is coming out of there!
Sound Scenes “Felling Trees”

Breathe some life into your model landscape! Thanks to the compact design of the NOCH Sound Scenes’ electronics and loudspeakers, sound emerges where it comes from in the original. The ready-to-connect electronics can be placed in a forest or in a chicken run. You will be surprised how much more realistic a sound sounds when it occurs in the middle of the action. Can be connected to a standard 16 V model railway transformer. The sound has a duration of approx. 20 seconds. Suitable for AC and DC.

The chainsaw is rattling! Lumberjacks ensure the forest is well-tended by cutting down the broken or old trees so that the young, fresh trees have enough space to grow. Caution is required during the tree-felling work! When the heavy trees fall, you have to get yourself out of harm’s way. The right protective clothing of chainsaw trousers, steel-capped boots, a hard hat and forestry gloves protects the lumberjacks while doing their dangerous work. Bring this true-to-life, idyllic scene to your diorama and let the deceptively real sound of the chainsaw ring out.

The 6 figures included all wear white and orange protective clothing as well as an orange hard hat and yellow earmuffs. They are all equipped with a chainsaw. Nothing stands in the way of forest work here.

Note: the volume is not adjustable. If you find the sound too loud, you can order a resistor (ref. 91900) for retrofitting.

EAN: 4007246129560
Weight: 0.065 kg
Gauge: N
Product Notices: Hand colored, Micro sound

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Felling Trees

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