You Reap What You Sow – Delicious, Juicy Apples Straight from the Field!

The “Plantation Trees with Apples” are ideal for creating a model landscape with even more idyllic and true-to-nature scenes. As well as the traditional meadow orchards, fruit plantations increasingly characterise our landscape. Whether they’re in your own garden, on fruit fields, in allotments, or any other place, plantation trees can be perfectly planted. The delicious yellowish red fruits make every fruit lover’s heart beat faster. Mmm... homegrown apples are much better than bought ones. When you get a delicious apple from the tree, you can consume some delicious vitamins. You can now reproduce this perfectly in a model with the Plantation Trees. The Plantation Trees with Apples also bear small yellowish red fruits. A summery mood is evoked here, with everyone looking forward to eating a juicy apple straight from the tree.

EAN: 4007246215379
Height: 20 mm
Weight: 0.035 kg
Gauge: N, Z

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Plantation Trees with Apples

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