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The right product for every topic! Discover the NOCH theme worlds and let yourself be inspired. Whether it's a vacation in the mountains, level crossings or allotments, we've put together a nice selection for you.

A waterdrop for your model landscape?
The supreme discipline of model landscaping!
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Neuheiten 2024
Albulabahn - where a Railway Modeller’s Dreams Come True!
The Albula Railway, which connects Thusis with St Moritz in Switzerland, is internationally known and loved far beyond Switzerland’s borders. The route, which is 60 kilometres long, leads over 144
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Last (minute) Christmas
Looking for a last-minute Christmas present?
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The perfect Christmas tree
Looking for the perfect Christmas tree?
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Christmas is coming
Christmas market on a small scale!
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The snow has finally arrived
Looking for winter inspiration?
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Laser-Cut Wirtshaus mit Biergarten + Cross Promotion
City, country, river!
With this "City, Country, River" theme world, you don't have to puzzle for long, because from A-Z you'll find lovingly designed, unique products that are guaranteed to have never been on your (shoppin
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Anwendung Knitterfelsen
Are you still plastering or are you already creasing?
Wrinkle Rocks® - The original from Austria! in the original from the original!
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Easy-Track Railway Route Kit "Martinstadt"
Mit dieser Video- Anleitung und der passenden Ausstattung gelingt Ihnen ganz einfach Schritt für Schritt und Clip für Clip im Handumdrehen die Profi-Anlage! Diese Videoreihe sollte jeder Modellbahner
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Fußballtore und Eckfahnen
aNOCHer goal!
Football fever has now broken out on the model layout. Design your unique football field with the matching players and referees on your model layout. This creates a sporting highlight here as well. T
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Wedding - The most beautiful day in the life of a couple!
For many couples, the wedding is one of the most beautiful shared experiences and an unforgettable day for all involved. Many guests, whether relatives, friends, acquaintances or colleagues, celeb
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"Easy-Track Trassenbausatz ""Andreastal"""
A model railway - the most beautiful hobby in the world!
Building a model railway is great fun and teaches many skills at the same time. First of all, planning has to be done. Then tracks are laid, tunnel portals and bridges are installed, rails are screwed on and then the electronics are wired. After extensive test runs with the model railway, the landscaping begins!
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Winter day
How we love the Christmas season! The world is covered under a white blanket of freshly fallen snow. Everything looks so beautifully peaceful. The snow even muffles the sounds, the nights seem brighter and everything so carefree and light. 
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Spring in the mountains
Finally, the long, cold winter is over, the peaks are finally clear again and the snow has melted away. Time to go back to the mountains and experience a real mountain spring. For now it is not yet as hot as in summer but the huts and alpine pastures are slowly opening up again for people and livestock! 
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Beach Holiday
The sun is shining, the children are playing by the sea and mother and father are enjoying a Vino Rosso on the beach promenade in the evening! It looks like this or something similar: the perfect summer holiday on the Mediterranean in Italy, Spain, France or another beautiful place. 
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Halloween on the model railway
Witches, vampires, zombies and creepy details!Do you dare? Then step inside and visit the dark side...
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micro-motion Brennendes Freudenhaus
Hot, Hot, Hot - Burning Brothel
A very hot thing!
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Holiday in the mountains - NOCH Home Academy
The basic equipment for the professional model landscaper!
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The perfect basic grassing for a wild meadow!
Create a wild meadow with the grass recipes as perfect as never before!
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The perfect basic grassing for a summer meadow!
Create a summer meadow with the grass recipes as perfect as never before!
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The perfect basic grassing for a railway embankment!
The Perfect Grassy Base on a Railway Embankment!
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