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Easily Recreate Realistic Bushes
With NOCH PROFI Bushes, you can create a detailed reproduction of realistic bushes in just a few steps.
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Easily Design Detailed Meadows and Fields
You can easily glue the Grass Tufts and Flowers into your landscape. First, remove the plants from the packaging with tweezers and provide them with a drop of glue. Hot glue or NOCH Landscaping Glue i
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Natur+ Wiesenmatten
Creating realistic meadows in just a few steps
The Natur+ Mini Mats are first cut into the desired shape with scissors. Then coat the base with NOCH Grass Glue. The Natur+ Mini Mat can now easily be glued into the scene.
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Wilde Wiese Gras-Master Rezept
Create wild meadows with different colours and lengths of grass!
The range of grasses with different colour tones and heights of growth in nature can also be realised without any problems in a model. To achieve the most realistic image possible and a natural course
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Paint details with ease
Thanks to the different colours, the Detail Markers can be used for a variety of purposes.The black marker can be used to colour tyres, window and door frames, as well as metal constructions, amon
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The simple processing of Foliage
In the first step, paint the desired area of the model with NOCH Grass Glue. Now detach a part of the Groundcover Foliage from the backing material and press it into the glue bed. The realistic ground
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The ideal glue for model meadows
NOCH Grass Glue was specially developed for electrostatic flocking.Compared to white glue, it stays open longer, which means that NOCH Grass Glue sets more slowly. So you can also add grass to lar
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Add grass to targeted areas with ease
You can use the grass stencil in various ways.In the first option, the substrate is first coated with NOCH Grass Glue. Now hold the stencil loosely over it and flock the area through the grass ste
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Laser-Cut minis
Installing plants and flowers in just a few steps
Firstly, the Laser-Cut minis are carefully broken free from the backing paper. Then simply shape the Laser-Cut minis by hand and fix them in the model landscape with a drop of commercially available g
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How you can get the perfect foliage on Natural Trees
NOCH Leaves are ideal for adding foliage to NOCH Natural Trees. To do this, first spray the Natural Trees with Spray Glue or Landscaping Spray Glue and then scatter on the Leaves with the PROFI Shaker
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Verarbeitung der Foliagen
Create natural realistic landscapes with the NOCH foliages!
To start off, the size of the Foliage sheets is adjusted. To do this, you simply split them into the desired dimensions by hand. In the second step, the Foliage sheets are shaped. Due to the highly fl
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