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Schaurig-schöne Halloween-Deko: Ein Kürbis mit Miniaturfriedhof
Kürbisse, Geister, Vampire, Friedhöfe: alles Dinge, die an Halloween auf keinen Fall fehlen dürfen!
Liska von hat mit ihrer Kürbisdeko genau das richtige für Ihre Halloweenparty!
Ein Friedhof im Miniaturformat ziert dieses Jahr unseren Kürbis und wie Sie diesen Basteltipp nachmachen können, erfahren Sie hier.
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Cool pins for your notes!
DIY: Make your own pinboard! Order is a must. Or should be. Let's say it would be nice if things were tidy. Especially at the workplace, Liska from thinks order is very important, even though she would rather describe herself as a "creative chaotic person". Liska shows how to create an individual pinboard in alpine style with cow pins in the handicraft instructions so that you and Liska can have order in the office and on the desk! If you would also rather have a "cow pasture on the wall" instead of a "pigsty on the desk", you'd better get started right now!
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The mountain is calling!
Do you also have notes piling up on your fridge? Then you can use this to keep things tidy right away! We've all been there, notes upon notes and they all need to be pinned to the fridge as a reminder. Liska from has a great idea for DIY fridge magnets with mountain climbers, which she shows you here!

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On the pens, ready, go!
Are you also constantly looking for your favourite pen? We'll be happy to help you out. Anke from shows you how to make a nautical pen holder for your favourite pencil. It is not only functional but also a very special piece of jewellery on your desk!
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Olé, olé! Let's go, score a goal!
Make a complete table set for the football party. Finally, a championship again! The countries' teams are getting ready to play for the Cup. Games, fun, excitement and the right decoration make for great parties with your friends. Steffie and Moni have come up with another great idea for party styling and show you how to make a complete table set with plate coaster and matching beer bottle in football style! Have fun with this creative idea!
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A sweet greeting for the loved ones!
Summer souvenir: Jam jars lovingly decorated as a gift! Summertime is jam-making time. Although Steffi and Moni usually belong to the less domesticated type of women, once a year they get into the habit of cooking and go to the cooker to boil down jams. And since the two of them are also into handicrafts, they also decorate the jam jars beautifully. They will now tell you how they do it! 
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1, 2, 3 - Let's go, dear ABC students!
Make table decorations for the first day of school. Who doesn't remember their first day at school? After all, that was (almost) the only school day that was really exciting and fun ;) What's even better than starting school, a school bag, a first exercise book and a new school bag? Definitely: having coffee with the whole family in the afternoon! And to make sure that you and the ABC-graduate can also go on the hunt for top marks with a super decoration, Moni & Steffie have a great idea for your first day at school party. Have fun with the handicrafts!
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O'zapft is!
Name-badges and decoration for your Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest in Munich attracts thousands of visitors every year. But it's not only the Wiesn that is celebrated, the folk festival has long been a worldwide phenomenon and many cities around the world have similar festivals in September. For your Oktoberfest at home, Liska from Dekotopia has come up with a great idea for name clips that you can attach to the handle of your beer mug. Not only does it look great, it also makes it impossible to mix up beer glasses in the future! Cheers to creativity!
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"Ihr Kinderlein kommet"
As this German Christmas carol describes, Christmas always holds a bit of the magic of childhood! The anticipation of unwrapping our presents when we were children carries over, and over the years, we look forward to being able to give others something nice for Christmas. Children’s eyes lighting up at the sight of gifts of toys in particular rekindles this feeling in us... And since a wooden railway is probably one of the most classic toys ever and you can never keep the kids quiet at the Christmas table before the presents are distributed, Julia from Mammilade has come up with this really great decoration for the Christmas table which will delight children and adults, young and old alike!
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Winter Wonderland!
Are you looking for creative decoration for your dining table at Christmas, New Year’s Eve or other occasions in winter? Impress your guests, family and friends with a wintery festive table. Thanks to the name tags, there will also be no confusion as to who sits where ;) Liska from shows you how to design and decorate this DIY table decoration easily in her crafting guide.
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Easter Name Cards
Spring is just around the corner! And the Easter Bunny is also just around the corner! Do you have an idea for name cards on your Easter table? Whether it’s for a festive Easter table, on letters or gift wrapping, a customised name tag adds a personal touch. Scarlett from schwimmende-schnä shows you a great idea using her hobby of macrophotography.
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Sun, Sandy Beach & Palm Trees!
Make summer decorations. Summer is finally here! And so that your home can be suitably decorated to welcome it, Liska from Dekotopia has come up with something great with the mini figures and Palm Tree. We’d like to introduce you to the crafting guide here. Enjoy getting creative and have a great summer!
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Cosy Candle(s)!
Killing time with some DIY: decorate candle glasses with decorative stones for a cosy atmosphere at home! The candle glasses are an absolute, instant piece of handicraft, a DIY project to kill time, and that’s exactly why they’re so brilliant! No time for style? No way! The motto is: Get it! Fill it! Light it! Cosy decorations in 15 minutes!
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XMAS! Christmas Is Just Around the Corner!
Create Christmassy windowsill decoration. Watch out, it’s about to reach the maximum level of cosiness in your living room: with wintery, Christmassy windowsill decoration. In the twinkling of an eye and with a few little tricks and resources, you’ll transform the windowsills and window ledges in your home into a fluffy, snowy landscape illuminated by fairy lights and tealights. 
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Let Autumn In!
Autumnal decoration idea with little pumpkins to kill time. Autumn is slowly creeping in with its beautiful colours. We don’t just want to marvel at the great blaze of colour outside in the forest; we want to bring it home with us! Sara and Moni from Feines Handwerk will show you how to do this quickly and easily in their decoration tip!
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Children's eyes light up in the early Christmas-season!
Have you already finished your Christmas decorations? No? Then get started right away! Every year you want to make your children's eyes sparkle at Christmas time. Evi from Mrs Greenhouse has thought about this! The result is a great idea for a DIY-winter-wonderland in a picture frame. Illuminated with tiny lights, it really snows there and gets you in the mood for the magic of pre-Christmas!
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