NOCH Laser-Cut models are made from a special, stable, age-resistant, high-quality cardboard certified according to DIN 6738. The models are extremely fine, and many of them are additionally engraved by laser, multicoloured hand-painted and weathered. The models are manufactured from renewable raw material thus being particularly ecofriendly. 

Hand painted
Hard foam products are coloured in our work with special water-based acrylic colours mixed especially for NOCH. Thus the three-dimensionality of the products is accentuated even more strongly. Figures and accessories are also hand-painted with selected colours with love to detail.

We liven up your model landscape with micro motion! For you we combine drives and clever electronics to a complete product – pre-installed and ready-to-use. The movements can be started with the enclosed switch or alternatively through the pre-installed digital decoder, enabling a release of the movements via digital control.

Laser-Cut Bridge System
All bridge kits marked with this symbol can be combined amongst themselves within the same scale. So you can create perfect bridge constructions. For the combination of several bridges you will need additional products like bridge priers, a truss approach bridge or adapter pieces. The necessary information for each bridge combination is included in the respective product detail view.

NOCH exclusive online items
All items marked with this symbol can be bought online only.

The 3D printing features an »additive« procedure during which a plastic material is applied in layers, one upon the other, by a printhead. Thus, layer by layer an individual model is created.

With sound

We pay particular attention to sustainability when developing products and packaging. Laser-Cut Kits, for example, derive from card, a renewable raw material. We therefore consciously avoid plastic. As far as possible, the use of plastic in packaging is avoided in favour of renewable raw materials. Applications can be found for recycled material in products and packaging insofar as its properties allow.
Colour 3D Print
As an innovative manufacturer of modelling accessories and figures, NOCH uses 3D colour printing in its series production. Thus, the finest details, such as numbers on football shirts, checked shirts, jewellery and tattoos, as well as particularly realistic colour grading, e.g., in the arrangement of folds in clothing, can be represented. The tremendous depth of colour and endless possibilities make the products the ultimate choice for master model-making.