Cheers to the bride and groom and eternal love - the guests celebrate together with the newlyweds!

The NOCH Figures Set “Wedding Guests” is ideal for perfectly recreating a realistic wedding. A wedding is one of the loveliest shared experiences for many couples and an unforgettable day for all participants. Many guests – whether relatives, friends, acquaintances or colleagues – celebrate this great day together with the bridal couple. Eating, drinking, music and a great schedule make people happy together. The “Wedding Guests” are celebrating what is probably the happiest day of the bridal couple’s lives and presenting them with plenty of gifts for their celebration of love.

If you’re still lacking this great scene on your designed diorama, the Figures Set “Wedding Guests” reproduces it as realistically as never before and gives you the feeling of being a guest at a wedding yourself! The Figures Set contains 6 figures. They are all shown in smart attire. Among them are the parents of the bride. The father is wearing a black suit with a dark blue tie and a white shirt. He has a brown belt tied around his waist. The mother of the bride is wearing a red dress, black shoes, a brown necklace, and a grey hat. She’s holding a yellow flower bouquet for the bridal couple. The Figures Set also contains a young lady representing the sister of the bride. She is wearing a short pink dress and black shoes. A small black bag is hanging on her shoulder. She has styled her brown hair back with a light headband. The wedding photographer is wearing dark blue trousers and a light blue shirt. He has put a brown jacket over it. He’s wearing brown shoes on his feet. His outfit is spiced up with a dark blue tie. In his hand, he’s holding his black camera, with which he is capturing the beautiful wedding day. Another pair of figures in the set shows a man with a child on his shoulders. The man is wearing a dark blue suit as well as a white shirt with a black bow tie. His black shoes and black and silver belt make his outfit perfect. The boy on the man’s shoulders is wearing light green trousers, a blue jumper and brown shoes.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246368648
Weight: 0.02 kg
Gauge: N
Product Notices: Hand colored
Genus: Human
Material: Plastic
Position: moves, standing
Gender: male, female
Phase of life: Adult, Youth, Child
Wedding - The most beautiful day in the life of a couple!
For many couples, the wedding is one of the most beautiful shared experiences and an unforgettable day for all involved.
Many guests, whether relatives, friends, acquaintances or colleagues, celebrate this great day together with the bridal couple. Food, drink, music and a great programme make people happy together. 

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Wedding Guests

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