Hot, Hot, Hot - Burning Brothel
A very hot thing!
In the heat of the moment, something must have got too hot: a fire has broken out in the brothel! 
One Sunday afternoon, things got hot in the brothel - maybe even a little too hot: Fire breaks out in the brothel! The whole brothel is on fire and ablaze. Smoke rises from the windows. A lightly dressed lady could just save herself on the balcony. All the others were able to leave the whorehouse in a panic. Some of them obviously could not even save their clothes.
After the arrival of the fire department the burning whorehouse was quickly under control. The lightly dressed lady on the balcony could be saved in no time by fireman "Fred".
Fortunately, in our ideal model world, no one is hurt and everyone escapes with a shock and perhaps a smile. 

LEDs with light effect control, which imitate the flickering of the fire, are built into the beautiful villa. The kit also contains a sound chip with the ladies’ flustered screams. Some cotton wool will provide for thick clouds of smoke!
The model is limited to 1,000 pieces. Includes a numbered certificate, detailed instructions and special Laser-Cut Adhesive.


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