Police Control at the Wine Festival

It is Saturday afternoon in the German Kaiserstuhl region. The wine festival at the Winery »Hauser-Bühler« is in full swing. The local brass band provides musical contributions, there is a wide choice of cakes and pies, and of course, the matching wine must not be missing.
The visitors enjoy the nice summer weather. The road is full of cars, bicycles and motor bikes. Also a tractor is coming around the corner driving to the wine festival.
However the pleasure is tempered by a police control. For the local police it is a good situation to make a breath test with the drivers of the different vehicles. As driving and drinking alcohol is a bad combination and not permitted.

The laser-cut model building Winery »Hauser-Bühler« is located in the German Kaiserstuhl region. The main building consists of a manufacturing and a storage room for the wine, living quarters as well as a small wine tavern. The beautiful half-timber structure perfectly matches the rural surrounding … just like in real life.

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