In the Garden

Your own home with garden, fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers. A place to play for the children. A chat at the garden fence with friendly neighbours...
This is what most people wish to have, this is what they dream of.

Just start realizing this dream with a model scene in order to get familiar with it. This scene is ideal for your model railway layout or a diorama. Here you can find a selection of NOCH products that you can use for this theme.

We wish you a lot of fun!

Products of this Theme World

Scatter Grass Ornamental Lawn, 2,5 mm Item Ref. 08314
MSRP €2.49
Flower Garden Item Ref. 14050
MSRP €10.99
Rambler roses Item Ref. 14118
MSRP €6.29
Virginia Creeper Item Ref. 14132
MSRP €6.29
Shopping Item Ref. 15518
MSRP €9.99
Grandparents & Grandchildren Item Ref. 15589
MSRP €12.99
Mother and Baby Item Ref. 15820
MSRP €11.99
im Moment nicht verfügbar
im Moment nicht verfügbar
Beech 13 cm high Item Ref. 21690
MSRP €7.99
im Moment nicht verfügbar
Federal Road grey, 100 x 8 cm Item Ref. 60703
MSRP €6.49
Country Road grey, 100 x 6,6 cm Item Ref. 60709
MSRP €6.49