Christmas Market

There was a Christmas Market in the city and many people were walking thoughtlessly down the street. The beautifully decorated market stands offered some mulled wine and the dealers tendered their goods: self-made things and many other things. In front of the town hall two children were playing Christmas songs with their instruments. It was wonderful, and pleasant warmth spread in me. I remembered my childhood days when such a feeling was in me every day – the days before the great event. Busy with my thoughts, an old man came along. He wore an old coat and had a nice, well-groomed silver-gray beard. He came closer to me and I looked at his old face, which was scarred by life – and also in his eyes, which haven’t been suitable for this man. They were bright and clear, almost youthful and attracted me almost magically. He smelled of baked apples and Christmas spices and I was incredibly when he greeted me and walked past me. After a while of contemplation I turned around and saw a little girl talking to the old man: “It’s you, Santa Claus?” she asked. He bent down to her, took her in his arms and laughed with a very deep, pleasant-sounding voice: “Santa Claus? No, my dear – I’m not. Are you sure that he exists?” he asked the small girl, which listened with big eyes and an opened mouth. “No”, the old man said, “he doesn’t exist. He’s just a business man with a red suit and asks to buy. He has nothing in common with the true Christmas time”. “But what’s the true Christmas?” asked the small girl lovely. “Christmas is the celebration of love and light” he answered quietly and the child pointed at the Christmas tree decorated with a lot of candles.”No” said the old man again and added, that these lights are contrived by the humans and that these lights have nothing in common with the light he meant. “It’s a light placed in your small heart”, he said. “In my heart?” she asked and he answered: “Yes, it gives you warmth, which you can pass on to other people; it makes you happy and illuminates your way through life. It’s always with you and protects you no matter what will happen. It’s the love and also the mourning and it will ensure that you are in the thoughts of your loved ones. It will protect you in the darkness and it will show you the right way always. It’s the light of love and care and everybody gets this present at birth”. “And Christmas exists to remember this?” asked the little girl and the old man answered with a smile on his old face with the youthful eyes. He put the child back on the ground and gave him a lighted candle he took from his coat pocket. Then he continued on his way. Astonishing the girl and I looked after him.

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