NOCH Theme Worlds

Castle Ruin Castle Ruin

Attractive Highlight for your Layout

Time to relax! Time to relax!

Here you will find time to relax!

Welcome at »Laimnau« and »Honau« Station Welcome at »Laimnau« and »Honau« Station

A must-have on every model railway layout.

Plumbing Factory »Oswald & Söhne« Plumbing Factory »Oswald & Söhne«

Building kit for industrial areas or as a single building at the edge of a railway track

Police Control at the Wine Festival Police Control at the Wine Festival

Stop - Hold on - Police Control

A Trip to the Winery »Hauser-Bühler« A Trip to the Winery »Hauser-Bühler«

»In vino veritas« - In Wine ther is Truth.

Warehouse with Small Goods Station Warehouse with Small Goods Station

Rural warehouse found in many regions.

Garden Plot Colony »Fronwies« Garden Plot Colony »Fronwies«

Small Scene with Love to Detail.

Open-Air Storage Open-Air Storage

Typical agricultural open-air storage.

Restaurant »Zur Bärenfalle« Restaurant »Zur Bärenfalle«

Restaurant »Zur Bärenfalle« a small country inn with kiosk and a room for visitors, located just right at a romantic lake.

In the Garden In the Garden

On a Sunday afternoon...

Street Festival Street Festival

Street festival in the city and the countryside.

Christmas Market Christmas Market

Baked apples and mulled wine...

Garden Pond Garden Pond

Garden Pond - duch house in a pond surrounded by lush greenery.

Forest Lodge Forest Lodge

Lumberjacks and hunters meeting on a clearing in the forest

Joys of Wintertime Joys of Wintertime

Fun in the snow