Perfect Set "Lake”

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  • Water-Drops® »color«, 250 g and each 25 g colour granules blue, green, brown  (ref. 60856),
  • Waves & Billows, 150 ml (ref. 60861),
  • Grass Tufts Mini Set »Meadow«, 42 pieces (ref. 07037)
Notice: Model building item

Details Perfect Set "Lake”

Designing model waters has always been one of the biggest challenges for railway modellers.
They often worry that waters will go wrong; in the worst case, one even has to tear off part of the landscape and start again from scratch. It is therefore all the more important to have products that do the job and work in harmony with each other. And that’s exactly what the Perfect Set »Lake« achieves.

The water itself is of vital importance, of course. We have opted for our bestselling »Water-Drops®«. Countless successful rivers and lakes speak in favour of this item. It is finally also about designing the water surface and decorating the shore area. All the important items are included in the set.

The Perfect Set includes a detailed instruction video on DVD. So your project is guaranteed to succeed!

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces

How-to-tip Perfect Set "Lake”

  • The Water-Drops® color are melted in the oven and poured into the prepared lake bed.
  • After the lake has cooled down, the Waves & Billows mixture is applied to the surface with a spatula and then modelled.
  • The Grass Tufts are ideal for decorating the area around the shore.
    Tweezers are helpful when 'planting'. The perfect lake is ready!

Thanks to the NOCH Perfect Set, beginners and pros are able to create beautiful waters.