Natural Stone Walls

Hardfoam Series "Natural Stone Walls"

Natural stone walls are frequently found in rural areas. The walls, arcades and portals are elaborately built with crushed regional stone. The hardfoam series "Natural Stone Walls" impresses by its extraordinarily realistic stone structure and by the multidimensional creation of many details like sills or ledges. The portals are suitable for catenary. The products of this series are

  • light, sturdy yet self-supporting
  • realistic having 3D surfaces
  • handpainted and weathered
  • easy to use: to cut, to saw, to sand

Thus the NOCH hardfoam is the perfect handicraft material for model railroaders and model landscape builders. The walls of the Natural Stone Walls series can be used as they come but it is also easy to form and to adapt them according to your needs. So you can achieve imposing and great results at tunnel portals and retaining walls at and near the tracks.