Fir Trees, Extra Large

High Quality at a Low Price!

Model Fir Trees, Extra Large
6 pieces, 16 to 20 cm high

NOCH Standard Trees - High Quality for a Low Price
The Standard Tree Series offers many  trees for a few money. The base for every tree is a complex, three-dimensional bare tree. It is painted with a special tree colour and then covered with two different NOCH flock materials.The Fir Triis are twisted by hand, cut in shape and flocked with special needles. The deciduous trees and also the fir trees have useful planting pins: Just bore a small hole into the model landscape and fix the tree with a drop of glue.
The package contains six impressive trees with a height of 16 cm (6.30 in.), 18 cm (7.09 in.) and 20 cm (7.87 in.).

Very useful: the planting pin
All NOCH Standard Trees have a planting pin at the lower end of the trunk. In order to fix the tree on your model landscape just bore a small hole into the ground. Then apply a drop of glue on the planting pin and stick the tree into the hole of the model landscape.

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