Cheers! Brandy Bottles


The nice bottles, pipe-blown by hand, are a great gift for all occasions. In every hand-made bottle there is a blowhole including a small model scene. Surprise your loved ones with a chimney sweeper as lucky charm or a bridal pair for a wedding. The bottles are made of borosilicate glass, elaborately pipe-blown by hand. The liquid capacity is 250 ml (8.5 oz.). The brandy bottles are a real eye-catcher for your guests. And it does not matter if you fill the bottles with golden whisky, exquisite gin, cognac or grappa - the amazing will be on your side! The small model figures come into their own spectacularly with every liquid. So they can also be used for other purposes e.g. as a decoration. Owing to the blowhole in the bottle the liquid cannot enter into contact with the figures - similar to a double bottom. These brandy bottles including different model railway figures are a special gift for almost every festive occasion. Perfect for birthdays, jubilees or weddings. No matter what you want to celebrate, these brandy bottles with the lovely little scenes from NOCH should not be missing.

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