NOCH Home Academy
Holiday in the Mountains

The video seminar for the professional model landscaper!

"Holiday in the mountains" - the theme of a diorama really can not be more beautiful. Recreate this landscape at home.

In the NOCH Home Academy you will learn from the seminar leader and NOCH CEO Sebastian Topp the professional design of a mountain landscape. Core topics of the online video seminar are rock construction, water design, electrostatic grassing, laser-cut model making and the realistic decoration of a landscape.

In the process, you will get to know all the products from the Basic Equipment Package (Art. No. 60780), learn how to use them correctly and benefit from lots of tips & tricks. You can visit the online video seminar free of charge around the clock on the NOCH website.
We hope you enjoy watching and participating!

THE Basic Equipment for the Professional Model Landscaper!

Landscaping Basic Equipment Package
With the NOCH Landscaping Basic Equipment Package, you have everything you need to begin professionally building a landscape. Regardless of whether you want to equip a model railway with a landscape or are looking to get started with high-quality diorama construction, the enclosed materials are ideal for all gauges and scales. In connection with the NOCH Easy-Track Railway Route Kit, the set gives you the perfect, simple start in building a model railway layout. The package is ideal initial equipment for every railway modeller, offering savings of more than 10%. Using these individual products is very easy and pays off with a perfect result. Each item comes with instructions for how to use it and its applications.
Please also watch out for the NOCH Home Academy with the online seminar "Holiday in the Mountains". All products included in the basic package are shown, explained, and worked with in detail in the webinar.


Here you can print out the PDF pattern in original size and tinker together.

Here you will find the shutters in blue and green and the Bavarian flag in front of the mountain restaurant.

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