The Basic Equipment for the Professional Model Landscaper!

Landscaping Basic Equipment Package

With the NOCH Landscaping Basic Equipment Package, you have everything you need to begin professionally building a landscape. Regardless of whether you want to equip a model railway with a landscape or are looking to get started with high-quality diorama construction, the enclosed materials are ideal for all gauges and scales. In connection with the NOCH Easy-Track Railway Route Kit, the set gives you the perfect, simple start in building a model railway layout. The package is ideal initial equipment for every railway modeller. Using these individual products is very easy and pays off with a perfect result. Each item comes with instructions for how to use it and its applications. Please also watch out for the NOCH Home Academy with the online seminar "Holiday in the Mountains". All products included in the basic package are shown, explained, and worked with in detail in the webinar.

The NOCH Home Academy – Webinar "Holiday in the Mountains"

At the NOCH Home Academy, you will learn how to professionally design a mountain landscape from seminar leader and NOCH Managing Director Sebastian Topp. The core topics of the webinar are rock construction, water design, adding grass electrostatically, laser-cut modelling and realistically decorating a landscape. You will get to know all the products in the NOCH Landscaping Basic Equipment Package (ref. 60780), learn how to use them correctly and benefit from lots of tips and tricks. You can attend the webinar free of charge around the clock. We hope you enjoy watching and joining in!


ref. Name
07006 Grass Tufts XL in Muted Colours, 104 pieces, 9 mm
07012 Grass Tufts “Wild Flowers”, 52 pieces, 6 mm and 52 pieces, 9 mm
07072 Master Grass Blend “Summer Meadow”, 2.5 to 6 mm, 50 g
07100 Wild Grass “Meadow”, 6 mm, 50 g
07270 Foliage, Light Green, 20 x 23 cm
07301 Leafy Foliage, Dark Green, 20 x 23 cm
07351 Structured Flock, Light Green, Coarse, 10 g
07352 Structured Flock, Medium Green, Coarse, 10 g
08099 PROFI Shaker, Empty
08100 Puffer Bottle
08312 Scatter Grass “Meadow”, 2.5 mm, 20 g
08322 Scatter Grass, Medium Green, 2.5 mm, 20 g
08362 Scatter Grass, Beige, 4 mm, 20 g
09228 PROFI Rocks “Scree”, Fine, 80 g
09230 PROFI Rocks “Scree”, Medium, 80 g
09237 Gravel, 250 g
23102 Embankment Vegetation
60823 Terrain Structure Paste “Country & Nature”, 100 g sand (beige), 100 g loam (ochre) 100 g soil (brown)
24643 Fir Trees, 16 pieces, 4 – 10 cm high
60840 Landscape Crepe Paper, 90 x 80 cm
60856 Water Drops® “color”, 250 g transparent, produces approx. 300 ml and 25 g each of blue, green and brown
60872 Water Effects, 130 g
60875 Waters Colour Set, 100 ml base colour and 10 ml each of blue, green and brown concentrate
60918 PROFI Casting Compound, 1000 g, produces approx. 800 ml
60920 Modelling Compound, 500 g
61130 Grass Glue, 250 g
61133 Landscaping Glue, 127 g
61140 Landscaping Spray Bottle, Empty
61141 Landscaping Spray Glue, 250 g, premixed and ready to spray
61191 Acrylic Paint, Matte, Ivory, 90 ml
61194 Acrylic Paint, Matte, Light Green, 90 ml
61200 Nature Paints Set, 6 colour concentrates, each 20 ml, 1 mixing cup, 1 sponge dabber
61233 Rock Casting Mould “Widderstein”, 1 large rock, 2 small rocksl
61630 TERRA-FORM Connector Pieces, 72 pieces in total
61650 TERRA-FORM Wooden Struts, each 40 cm long, 35 pieces
61670 TERRA-FORM Prop Plates, 16 pieces in total


Note: depending on how the materials are used, the contents of the package will stretch for varying lengths of time. The coverage of some content, such as TERRA-FORM items, Modelling Compound, Casting Compound, etc. depends on the type of terrain you want to build. The higher and more mountainous you build, the more you will need. The coverage of design materials such as Grass Fibres, Grass Tufts, Embankment Vegetation, etc. depends on the intensity with which you use them. If you use tufts individually as decorative highlights, they will naturally last longer than if you create wild grass or wild flower meadows with dense vegetation. Other items, e.g. the Rock Casting Moulds, can be used as often as desired and the amount of adhesives included is also very abundant. It is therefore not possible to make a general statement about the coverage of the package as a whole. Refer to the table for the exact contents. You can also buy all items individually afterwards, so that you can purchase the items that are personally important to you.

No figures or buildings are included in the package.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246607808
Weight: 7 kg
Gauge: H0, TT, N, Z, 0, G, H0m, H0e
Scale: 1:22,5 (G), 1:43 (0), 1:87 (H0), 1:120 (TT), 1:160 (N), 1:220 (Z)
Holiday in the mountains - NOCH Home Academy
The basic equipment for the professional model landscaper!

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October 28, 2021 07:05

Amazing vieaos - please one more series like that

excellent value ofr money even if one does not plan to make the sale layout, just buy it and use it on your layout for different shapes. Loved how the waves after the swans were made.

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Landscaping Basic Equipment Package

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