Wellen & Wogen

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150 ml,

Notice: Model building item
Warning Notice Attention: Causes serious eye irritation. contains: 1,2-benzisothiazole-3(2H)-on. Mixture of 5-cloro-2-methyl-2H-isothiazole-3-on und 2-Methyl-2H-isothiazole-3-on (3:1); May produce an allergic reaction.

Details Wellen & Wogen

It Flows, Bubbles and Whooshes - Water in Motion
Water structuring is one of the most sophisticated topics in model landscaping. To enable you to easily and quickly achieve the best results, NOCH has developed three new water products. The improvements and innovations are in the details: all three new items are completely (real) water-based! This is not only good for the environment, but also enables you to work on every surface, even polystyrene. Just clean the tool with water after use.

So far, a modeller could only choose from the NOCH range the established Water Effects. To form for example high waves on a beach for surfers or a diorama with ships on the high seas, we have developed »Waves and Billows«.
»Waves & Billows« is a substance, which is applied on the water surface with the help of a small spatula or toothpick. After rough modelling, let the mass sit for half an hour, before giving it the desired shape by forming with your spatula, toothpick or coarse brush.

Contents: 150.00 ml
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces

How-to-tip Wellen & Wogen

Water structuring is the biggest challenge in model landscaping. With NOCH products you have always a professional, yet the simplest possible solution at hand.
Colour lakes, rivers and creeks with NOCH Riverbed Colour Set (ref. 60875) before starting to structure the water. Your colouring should become darker from the outside to the inside, as water appears darker with increasing depth. Fix small stones and sand on the shore surface to enhance this effect.

The new NOCH Artificial Water XL can be filled with one cast into the lake bed. The bottle contains 500 ml. If you calculate a filling level of 10 mm, the water may be used for 500 cm². This corresponds to a surface of about 25 x 20 cm. At a filling level of 10 mm, it takes approximately 48 hours to harden. 50 % of volume is lost, so the water level will be 5 mm at the end.

»Waves & Billows« is a great new water product, with which you can finally form higher waves. The material is used with a spatula from the can and applied roughly on the dried water surface. After drying for about half an hour, it is hardy enough to design a higher surge. Model wonderful waves and water forms with a toothpick or a small spatula.

The white spume often sets the crowning final of waves and rapids. NOCH »Foam & Spume« has been especially developed to recreate this great effect in model form. Apply »Foam & Spume« directly on the desired water spot with the user-friendly bottle and model it with a fine brush. A perfect finish for every water project!

After finishing the water structuring, the shore and lake can be decorated with NOCH accessories. Suitable are e.g. Fishing (Scale H0: ref. 15892) or House Boat (Scale H0: ref. 14224, scale TT: ref. 14437, scale N: ref. 14637).