Model Water - Water-Drops easy

Water-Drops® easy

Let the Water Flow!

The modelling of lakes and rivers will become even easier with the Water-Drops® easy. The cup consists of heat resistant plastics and thus serves at the same time as container in which the drops are melted. Simply take off the lid and let the Water-Drops® easy melt in the oven at 150°C. Afterwards the melted Water-Drops® easy are poured into the ready-prepared river bed and will completely dry within a few minutes.

Even more Water-Drops®

Two features make the Water-Drops® indispensable when creating model water: They are easy to use and you can create small details like waves and rapids even later on. As product family there are three different versions of the Water-Drops®:
The Water-Drops® clear are great for the structuring of crystal clear lakes, rivers and brooks. For the colouration of the ground we recommend our Riverbed Colour Set (ref. 60875).
The Water-Drops® color include besides the clear drops also blue, green and brown drops for mixing. So you can create your individual water colour.
And at last the Water-Drops® easy make the application of the Water-Drops® even easier. Simply take off the lid, put the cup into the oven and melt.
To conclude, one more tip: If you are searching for the ideal start into water structuring with Water-Drops® we recommend our PROFI Water Structuring Set (ref. 60814) containing all products that are necessary for model water creation.
(Attention: Risk of burns! Wear protective gloves! Do not melt in the micro wave! Suitable only for adult modellers.)

Lake Film Lake Film

blue, with wave shape
41 x 26 cm

Ref.: 60850
Water Drops® “clear” Water Drops® “clear”

250 g, for approx. 300 ml

Ref.: 60855
Water Drops® “color” Water Drops® “color”

250 g transparent, for approx. 300 ml,
25 g of each colour blue, green, brown

Ref.: 60856
Water-Drops® “easy” Water-Drops® “easy”

150 g, for approx. 160 ml

Ref.: 60858
Aqua Effects Aqua Effects

130 g

Ref.: 60872
Modellwasser Modellwasser

250 ml bottle, ready to pour out of the bottle

Ref.: 60873
Riverbed Colour Set Riverbed Colour Set

100 ml basic colour
and each 10 ml concentrate
blue, green und brown

Ref.: 60875
Artificial Water Artificial Water "color"

250 g, ready-to-pour in a bottle

Ref.: 60877
Waters Colour Set Waters Colour Set

30 ml each of ready-toapply paints dark blue, ultramarine, turquoise, mud brown and white

Ref.: 60878