Still Waters Run Deep!

Designing bodies of water with 2K Water Gel "transparent"

2K Water Gel "transparent" is a fascinating material: easy to work with and yielding inspiring results. 2K Water Gel "transparent" is the best choice for reproducing stagnant bodies of water such as lakes or ponds! Rivers and streams can also be depicted very well in a model.

Aqua Effects or Waves & Billows, for instance, can be used to design the water surface.

2K Water Gel "transparent" is very easy to use: first mix the two components in a 1:1 ratio. You now have about 120 minutes to process the 2K Water Gel "transparent". The consistency of the 2K Water Gel "transparent" changes during this time from thin to viscous.

For colouring the substrate, you can use our Terrain Structure Pastes or our Acrylic paints, depending on the desired colour result.

Benefits of 2K Water Gel:

  • Easy processing
  • Long processing time
  • Processed cold
  • Easy to colour in
  • Ideal for stagnant bodies of water


GTIN/EAN: 4007246608706
Gauge: H0, TT, N, Z, 0, 1, G, H0m, H0e
Scale: 1:22,5 (G), 1:43 (0), 1:87 (H0), 1:120 (TT), 1:160 (N), 1:220 (Z)
2K Wasser-Gel
Creating the perfect body of water in just a few steps
When using Artificial Water, the substrate must be flat and watertight. If needed, you can also seal it with NOCH Modelling Compound. To design a true-to-life body of water, the stream or lakebed is first coloured with the Waters Colour Set. To imitate the depth of the water, you should ensure that the colour gradient becomes darker from the outside in. To further enhance this effect, you can glue small stones and sand to the subsoil on the bank. Once everything is dry, you can begin working with Artificial Water. The Artificial Water is poured into the lakebed approx. 2–3 mm deep in one go. The drying time is about 24 hours. During the hardening process, the Artificial Water loses roughly 50% of its volume so that a water level of 1–1.5 mm results.
Pouring on further material is not recommended, as this can lead to the lowest water layer becoming cloudy.

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November 30, 2021 11:59

Good product

Easy to use, really transparent (even after a few months of using it). Used in conjunction with Foam & Spume with great results. Recommended.

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2K Water Gel “transparent”

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