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NOCH Easy-Track Layout Kit Martinstadt The well-known YouTuber Martin Tärnrot has developed his own Easy-Track layout exclusively for NOCH.
And it has what it takes! The well-conceived route plan invites you to drive, shunt, transport goods and travel by train. As well as a winding circuit with branches, sidings are earmarked for the railway station area.
Industrial complexes can thus be connected, or a small station can be reached. There’s no limit to your imagination when it comes to implementing your ideas.

Watch a Pro at Work and Let Yourself Be Inspired!
You can watch Martin building the layout on NOCH’s YouTube channel and pick up lots of suggestions there. In addition to a track plan and the necessary railway routes and supports, the kit also contains the EasyTrack Andreastal Guidebook, which explains the basic idea and building principles of the Easy-Track system.

Marklin of Sweden

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1970. My father had worked in the medical sector since the late ’40s and often travelled to Germany on business. He sometimes brought H0- gauge trains with him, which was a very valuable toy for every child in Sweden back then. When I was seven years old, we began building my first model railway together.
The model railway has been a platform for friendship and learning throughout my life. I discovered the world of electronics in 1981. That was the catalyst for me to study electronic design; first analogue and later digital. Ten years later, I graduated from school as an electronic designer. YouTube went online in 2005. I realised pretty quickly that someone who knew a bit more about model railways than most was lacking there. Someone who knew how to set up the lighting and a camcorder properly and who could explain how to build a model railway in a simple and inspiring way. I chose this path and have been a full-time YouTuber for two years now, making how-to videos. Creating instructional videos is not about ‘knowing everything’ or ‘being the best’. It’s about sowing inspiration that allows viewers to take their creations to the next level. Martin Tärnrot a.k.a. ‘Marklinofsweden’.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246536108
Gauge: H0

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Easy-Track Railway Route Kit "Martinstadt"

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