Create Your Dream Layout in Just a Few Steps Using NOCH Easy-Track
Easy-Track is a model railway reconceptualised, because Easy-Track relieves you of the time-consuming and painstaking steps of track planning. You immediately start building your personalised model railway layout in the size of 190 x 120 cm.
Easy-Track Trassenbausatz "Karlsberg"

First of all, the route boards are loosely placed on the base plate so that the course of the route can be plotted on the base area in the next step. Then screw the base plates for the pillars onto the joins of the route boards. The pillars are inserted according to the plan and the route boards affixed with adhesive. Now the railway route has been assembled and the rails can be laid.

Looking for the right track? ​​​​​​​
Are you still looking for the right track system for your start in the model railway hobby? Bedding tracks are ideal for NOCH Easy-Track layouts, as they are very stable and easy to put together. 

Due to the predefined radii and the already integrated track bed, they are therefore particularly safe to operate. We therefore recommend the Märklin® C-track system. You can find more information about getting started in the hobby at Märklin®- discover more now!

After the tracks have been assembled, the train operation will be tested. You can now concentrate on the creative design of your custom model landscape. This is where the well-known and tried and tested NOCH products come into play.

Landscaping begins with positioning the tunnel portals and arcades. 

Then the bridges, roads and footprints for the buildings are installed. The landscape is brought into shape with the TERRA-FORM System. Mountains, railway embankments and hills are created. The framework made of Wooden Struts is covered with Landscape Crepe Paper and thus forms the perfect substrate for rocks and meadows. For particularly steep slopes, simply glue on pieces of a previously broken up Structured Hard Foam Rock Slab. 

The rock pieces are combined into one unit with Modelling Compound. Next up is the colouring of rocks, walls and portals. It’s best to use the NOCH Spray Paints in black, ochre and ivory for this. This creates a harmonious colour gradient with distinct shades. The areas that will have grass added to them later are now primed with green paint. Before adding the grass, roll on NOCH Road Construction Structure Paint for the roads. A generous amount of Grass Glue is then applied. Grass fibres in different lengths and colours are now electrostatically shaken into the glue bed with the NOCH Gras-Master. This gradually creates dense grass vegetation with upright blades of grass. The landscape is now custom-designed with trees, buildings, vehicles and figures.


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