It Couldn’t Be More Realistic!

The NOCH Structured Road “Cobblestones” is ideal for designing roads, paths and squares in city centres, town squares and in residential areas realistically and in detail. The Structured Road is suitable for H0 gauge (1:87 scale).

The Structured Road is made from the natural raw materials quartz sand and rock flour. This guarantees a natural surface look and feel, as well as a naturalistic appearance and very high UV resistance.

The Structured Road is the first choice for the discerning hobbyist. Another big advantage of the innovative production technology, based on a thin backing fabric and using solvent-free bonding agents, is the Structured Roads’ high flexibility.

Highlights of the Structured Road:
Naturalistic appearance due to the use of natural raw materials
High UV resistance
High flexibility due to thin backing fabric
Easy to work with

EAN: 4007246603121
Width: 75 mm
Length: 500 mm
Weight: 0.064 kg
Gauge: H0
Scale: 1:87 (H0)
Product Notices: Hand colored
Color: Grey Tones
Design simple Structured Roads and Squares
First, the protective edge of the Structured Square is cut off with a Stanley knife or scissors. The Structured Square can now be placed on and roughly cut to size. To affix the square, next apply adhesive to the substrate with a putty knife. We recommend you use UHU® POR. The Structured Square is now simply pressed into the glue bed and adapted to the substrate. All solvent-free paints are suitable for subsequent colouring.
It’s important not to process the Structured Squares at a temperature below 15°C, as there is a risk of breakage.

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Structured Road “Cobblestones”

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