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Below you can find and free download the track plans for our preformed terrain layouts, extension layouts and Easy Track layout kits. You can choose your favourite gauge to sort the list. You can also use the site search to find layouts and track plans. To see the track plans you need the Acrobat Reader that you can free download.

If you cannot download the track plans, you can buy them from NOCH for 6,50 EUR + postal charges (Europe: 3,- EUR, overseas 6,- EUR). at

Please pay attention:
Extremely long wagons might cause problems in narrow curve sections because of the overhang. As all preformed layouts feature also the smallest radius of each manufacturer, long wagons might brush against the terrain, the tunnel entrances and exits as well as on bridges.

Track Plans Archive

29 Results
Fertiggelände Königsfeld
“Königsfeld” Layout
Item ref. 81580
1,71 MB | PDF atom/icons/download
Fertiggelände Rosenheim
“Rosenheim” Layout
Item ref. 81600
1,58 MB | PDF atom/icons/download
Fertiggelände Mittenwald
“Mittenwald” Layout
Item ref. 81610
2,97 MB | PDF atom/icons/download
Fertiggelände Schönmühlen
436,66 KB | PDF atom/icons/download
Anbauteil rechts
Right Extension Layout
Item ref. 81970
1,48 MB | PDF atom/icons/download
Anbauteil "Vorfeld"
Front Extension Layout
Item ref. 81980
1,48 MB | PDF atom/icons/download
Fertiggelände "Bergün"
“Bergün” Layout
Item ref. 83860
694,57 KB | PDF atom/icons/download
Fertiggelände "Staufen"
“Staufen” Layout
Item ref. 83870
1,11 MB | PDF atom/icons/download
Anbautteil rechts "Schattenbahnhof"
Right Extension Layout
Item ref. 84320
474,28 KB | PDF atom/icons/download