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The “Quarrystone Viaduct Bridge Pier” is ideal for constructing particularly long and imposing bridge structures. The “Quarrystone Viaduct Bridge Pier” can be combined with various model walls and arcades. The Viaduct gives a landscape scene a very individual and unusual appearance. The train makes its way across the viaduct, and you have a wonderful view of the landscape below you. Below, other road users such as cars, lorries, tractors, motorcyclists and many more make their way through the viaduct’s impressions. Make your own personal landscape scene even more lifelike with the “Quarrystone Viaduct Bridge Pier” and implement great details on your layout.

In the Quarrystone Viaduct pack, you’ll find the viaduct and material for crafting the matching bridgehead.

Note: the Quarrystone Viaduct is suitable for all N track systems, including KATO® Unitrack N Scale. The “Quarrystone Wall” hard foam series has the same stone structure as the Quarrystone Viaduct made of structured hard foam.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246348619
Width: 18 mm
Height: 83 mm
Length: 38 mm
Weight: 0.011 kg
Gauge: N
Scale: 1:160 (N)
Product Notices: Hand colored
Bruchsteinviadukt gebogen
This is how you design custom bridges for your layout
The Straight Quarrystone Viaduct, the Curved Quarrystone Viaduct and the Rhône Viaduct can be ideally combined with one another. The bridge elements can be joined with any adhesive – even a solvent-based one. If required, you can easily shorten the bridges or bridgeheads with a craft knife or a backsaw. Any necessary precision work is best done with sandpaper or a file. The Quarrystone Hard Foam Series also features the same stone structure. Therefore, the products in this series are optimally suited to constructing matching walls and tunnels.
After the bridge piers have been shortened, the bridge is installed by attaching it to the bridgehead. The bridge can then be extended by attaching a second viaduct. In this way, you can, for instance, construct a bridge made of three Curved Quarrystone Viaducts (90° bend) and a Straight Quarrystone Viaduct.

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Quarrystone Viaduct Bridge Piers

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