Swinging through the air in a high arc!

micro-motion Children’s Playground

The NOCH "micro-motion Swing" is excellent for recreating a lifelike children’s playground and putting it in the spotlight. Who does not like to remember the beautiful days in the summer back, where you sat with the best friends on the playground on the swing. Whether small or large children - here it tingles with everyone in the belly when the dad, mom or even the grandparents from behind swinging at the child on the swing. If one has the trick out, how one looks at itself alone, one swings in high arc by the air and sees the large playground from above. This really brings back wonderful memories of a day at the playground with your loved ones. In addition to the swing, children especially enjoy a bird's nest swing, where a relaxation can be perfectly built in between the swing units. Also a slide, seesaw or sandbox should not be missing on any child-friendly adventure playground. Here really every child's heart goes up and fun is pre-programmed.

Almost all of us should have fond childhood memories of playgrounds and individual pieces of playground equipment. The swing on which we were often pushed for hours by our parents; the roundabout that made us feel dizzy, or the seesaw that was so difficult to balance on.
Playgrounds can be found in every city and village and are therefore an important part of human coexistence. Families meet, children laugh and play, parents talk about work and parenting, and some of the latest items of gossip and tittle-tattle are exchanged while their offspring have a go on the swings.
After last year’s smash hit, the Tree with Swing, we set out to develop four moveable pieces of playground equipment: a seesaw, a classic swing, a bird’s nest swing and a roundabout.
The handpainted playground equipment and model figures come completely assembled. Each device is powered by a motor that is located directly underneath the model (installation depth 35 mm). The mechanism for the drive is supplied as a kit. The electronics supplied can be connected to a standard 16 V model railway transformer and are suitable for AC and DC. The speed of the playground equipment can be set on the circuit board.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246134014
Gauge: H0
Scale: 1:87 (H0)
Product Notices: Hand colored, Micro motion
Genus: Human
Material: Plastic
Position: sitting, standing
Gender: male
Phase of life: Adult, Child

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micro-motion Swing

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