Quarrystone Viaduct, curved

Ref. 58665
MSRP €37.99


Radius (R2) 437.5 mm, 30°

Notice: Model building item

Details Quarrystone Viaduct, curved

The Curved Quarrystone Viaduct enbales you to build imprerssive brigde constructions. Both commen radiuses, R1 (360 mm, 30°) and R2 (437.5 mm, 30°) are available. Six Curved Quarrystone Viaducts next to each other connect to semicircle. The Curved Quarrystoen Viaduct can, of course, also be combined with the Straight Quarrystone Viaduct and the Quarrystone Viaduct "Rhône".

Note: The Curved Quarrystoen Viaduct is suitable for all H0 tracks, indcluding Märklin C tracks.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Width: 71.00 mm
Height: 245.00 mm

Video Quarrystone Viaduct, curved