Auto Workshop

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Contents: Gas Bottles, Cart for Gas Bottles, Drum Pump, Hand Carts, Car Jack, Bucket, Fire Extinguisher, Watering Can, Tool Kit, Toolboxes, Oil Drums, Oxygen Cylinders, Wheel, Tyres, Sack Barrow, Roll Plate and Car Battery

Notice: Model building item

Details Auto Workshop

The Auto Workshop Set contains a variety of different items that could be found in an Auto workshop.

Accessories Sets

Everyone who values a realistic design of themed sceneries, can find a lot of ideas in the NOCH product range: from a icecream parlor to a service Station for cars, from gravestones to accessories for beach scences. Every set contains a variety of different, hand-painted accessories items, all matching the corresponding theme.

Bring life to your model landscape with the NOCH Accessories Sets. Often the small details will have a great Impact.

Packaging Unit: 1 Set