So You Can Really Potter Around on Your Model Railway!

The “Tool Shed and Workshop” is perfect for adding even more true-to-life details to every landscape scene. The laser-cut building will find a perfect place on any model landscape that is to be both faithfully and idyllically recreated. The Tool Shed should not be missing from a workshop. All the equipment that you need to repair things in different situations can be found here. Whether they’re vehicles like cars, motorbikes, tractors or even machines, a workshop gets everything up and running again. Bring this realistic scene with the “Tool Shed and Workshop” to your model layout.

We began developing laser-cut models in 2009. It started with the Laser-Cut mini Plants, which were followed by the Laser-Cut Bridges and finally the Laser-Cut Buildings. We are now able to present to you a comprehensive range of which we are very proud.

The advantages of NOCH Laser-Cut Buildings:

  • NOCH Laser-Cut Kits are made of high-grade lasered cardboard. This cardboard, specially manufactured for NOCH, is certified according to DIN 6738 (by the German Institute for Standardisation) and is ageing resistant.
  • The buildings are laser-engraved, many of which are handpainted in multiple colours and patinated – a new quality standard instead of shiny plastic roofs.
  • The interior walls are partially painted black at the factory to prevent light (not supplied) from shining through.
  • Gutters and downpipes are included in many kits.
  • To make assembling the models even easier for you, the right glue is included with many NOCH Laser-Cut Buildings.
  • Produced in an environmentally friendly way: the NOCH lasered cardboard used is made from renewable raw materials. The energy required for lasering is used efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy.
EAN: 4007246661060
Width: 43 mm
Height: 33 mm
Length: 84 mm
Weight: 0.105 kg
Gauge: H0
Product Notices: Hand colored, Laser cut

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Tool Shed and Workshop

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