The Perfect Platform!

Until now, railway modellers were bound by the prefabricated widths and lengths of the available platforms and converting plastic platforms required a lot of practice.

This is considerably easier with the NOCH Universal Platform.

It is made of special lasered cardboard, which combines two essential properties: on the one hand, it’s very stable; on the other hand, the cardboard can be easily shaped with a craft knife or scissors. Thanks to the wide base plate, platforms can also be set up in a curve radius. In order to be able to offer railway modellers with a larger track layout in the station area an affordable bulk pack, there is a new 3-piece set from NOCH. With the three enclosed Universal Platforms, longer and more diverse platforms can be custom designed.

Special Laser-Cut Adhesive is included in the kit.

EAN: 4007246660100
Width: 83 mm
Height: 11 mm
Length: 271 mm
Weight: 0.468 kg
Gauge: H0
Product Notices: Laser cut

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October 30, 2021 14:45


Mit diesem Set habe ich die perfekte Möglichkeit gefunden, für den Bahnhof der in einer leichten Kurve liegt, einen einheitlichen Bahnsteig nach meinen Vorstellungen zu gestalten. Zur Gleisüberquerung im Bahnhof habe ich den Artikel 66014 an meine Ausgestaltung angepasst.

October 28, 2021 06:29

Top platform in seconds

Comparing plastic moulded platforms and the self made with castings, this one is so much more realistic and easy to build

Universal Platform, 3-Piece Set

Item ref. 66010


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