A Model Railway Line without a Tunnel Is Like a Locomotive without Any Carriages!

If you want to introduce some variety to your railway line in a simple way, tunnels are the best solution. It isn’t just children that are fascinated by the sight of a train disappearing into one end of a tunnel and appearing on the other! The “Double-Track Tunnel Portal” from NOCH is perfect for filling every model landscape scene with even more realistic details and realistically recreating tunnel and mountain entrances. The train makes its way through the beautiful landscape. A tunnel portal is ideal for crossing rocks, mountain ranges, slopes and other sections of nature safely. Devise your own custom model railway layout and draw attention to it perfectly with details like the “Tunnel Portal”.

NOCH Tunnels make it particularly easy for you: they are handpainted in natural colours, covered with grass, and usually also have additional decoration.

NOCH Tunnels are also ideal parts of the landscape for first model landscapes.

Note: the Portal is suitable for everything in the Stone Wall PROFI plus hard foam series.

EAN: 4007246348527
Width: 85 mm
Length: 123 mm
Weight: 0.015 kg
Gauge: N
Scale: 1:160
Product Notices: Hand colored

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Tunnel Portal

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