Joining Forces for Success!

In Wangen about 80 employees are serving the company NOCH. 50 of them are working in the production being supported by 30 home workers. They all give their very best every day for the model landscaping hobby and to fulfil the requests of our customers.

What drives us?

We are motivated by our goal to develop innovative, finely detailed and high quality products for your dioramas and model railway layouts.

The passion for detail, be it in the case of grass, plants, trees, figures, laser-cut model houses or entire model railway layouts in the form of prefabricated layouts is our main focus. To ensure this motivation, NOCH cares for a harmonious and family-friendly environment.

Through individual working time models and seasonal accounts, NOCH as an employer offers the possibility to combine family and career. This is particularly appreciated by colleagues with school-age children.

In addition, NOCH promotes further training measures for employees. Other voluntary employer contributions create a motivating working environment and encourage exceptional performance.

Team spirit and an owner-managed family business with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths ensure a high degree of identification for each employee.

If you would like to join the NOCH team, take a look right now to see if we have a suitable job offer or send us an unsolicited application.


We are proud of a large number of long-serving employees who, with their experience and sound knowledge, are the pillars of the company. We would like to thank them for a trusting, cooperative and successful collaboration.
We look forward to the coming years together!

Jubilarians 2021

Dr Noch and Mr Topp congratulate the jubilarians.

 from left:

Dech, Daniela, 10 Jahre
Röhl, Karl, 55 Jahre
Miskraut, Claudia, 20 Jahre
Rädler, Cornelia, 20 Jahre
Schweizer, Petra, 25 Jahre
Wachter, Sylvia, 15 Jahre
Krebs, Katharina, 10 Jahre

Heisl, Erich, 10 Jahre
Wöhlcke, Roland, 10 Jahre
Schwandt, Werner, 15 Jahre
Ibis, Güler, 20 Jahre
Lang-Holler, Yvette, 25 Jahre
Ortmann, Josefine, 40 Jahre

Because of the Corona pandemic, the photos were of course taken individually and put together as a montage.

Jubilarians 2020

Dr. Noch and Mr. Topp congratulate the jubilarians.

Front row from the left:

Höllriegel, Silvia, 20 years
Menner, Silvia, 40 years
Blonk, Susanne, 20 years
Fäßler-Altenried, Sabine, 20 years
Peters-Butt, Martina, 20 years

Back row from the left:
Kilic, Süreyya, 10 years
Jäger, Elisabeth, 30 years
Topp, Sebastian, 10 years
Reppe, Marcel, 20 years
Fäßler, Manfred, 20 years
Holzer, Anke, 20 years
Schröder, Katrin, 20 years

Not on the picture:
Hasel, Monika, 5 Jahre

Because of the Corona pandemic, the photos were taken individually and compiled as a montage.

Jubilarians 2019

Dr. Noch and Mr. Topp congratulate the jubilarians.

Front row from the left:
Ceylan, Mustafa, 20 years
Bauer, Peter, 40 years
Turan, Mesude, 15 years
Hahnel, Maria, 15 years
Englebrecht, Erika, 20 years
Schubert, Angelika, 10 years

Back row from the left:
Leiter, Jürgen, 40 years
Hauser, Jürgen, 25 years
Dr. Rainer Noch
Carlucci, Sandra, 15 years
Topp, Sebastian

Not on the picture:
Bilger, Christof, 15 years
Stenzel, Oleg, 15 years

Jubilarians 2018

Dr. Noch and Mr. Topp congratulate the jubilarians.

Vordere Reihe links:
Huber, Erika, 20 Jahre
Uhl, Aloisia, 30 Jahre

Back row from the left:
Dr. Rainer Noch
Sebastian Topp
Marx, Robert, 20 years
Bosch, Nico, 10 years
Maier, Alfons, 40 years
Schröder, Thomas, 15 years

Jubilarians 2017 

The management, consisting of Dr. Rainer Noch and Sebastian Topp, would like to thank the employees for their many years of service and loyalty to NOCH.

Trautmann, Lisa, 10 years
Sündermann, Helga,10 years
Ziegler, Karoline 15 years

Jubilarians 2016

Mrs. Noch sen., Dr. Noch and Sebastian Topp are congratulating the jubilees.

Front row from the left:
Yvette Lang-Holler, 20 years
Petra Schweizer, 20 years
Güler Ibis, 15 years
Claudia Miskraut, 15 years
Cornelia Rädller, 15 years
Harald Prinz, 40 years
Frau Sieglinde Noch sen.

Hintere Reihe von links:
Karl-Heinz Echteler, 30 years
Werner Schwandt, 10 years
Sylvia Bopp, 10 years
Ewald Holub, 10 years
Dr. Rainer Noch
Sebastian Topp

Jubilarians 2015

Mrs. Noch sen., Dr. Noch and Sebastian Topp are congratulating the jubilees.

Front row from the left:
Susanne Blonk, 15 years
Monika Hasel, 20 years
Katrin Kühn, 15 years
Silvia Menner, 35 years
Mrs. Sieglinde Noch sen.
Dr. Rainer Noch

Back row from the left:
Elisabeth Jäger, 25 years
Martina Peters-Butt, 15 years
Sabine Fäßler-Altenried, 15 years
Silvia Höllriegel, 15 years
Stephan Bender, 10 years
Marcel Reppe, 15 years
Manfred Fäßler, 15 years
Sebastian Topp

Not on the picture:
Anke Holzer, 15 years