It Couldn’t Be More Realistic!

The foam flock is ground into two different granulations and coloured in three very realistic shades of matt green.
NOCH Structured Flock is therefore suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as flocking trees or designing undergrowth and small bushes. Thanks to the three matt shades, the colours of the vegetation can be replicated in a very realistic way.
With the light green textured flock in fine grain you can design your model landscape true to detail.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246073313
Length: 3 mm
Weight: 0.02 kg
Gauge: H0, TT, N, Z, 0, 1, G, H0m, H0e
Scale: 1:22,5 (G), 1:35, 1:43 (0), 1:45, 1:50, 1:72, 1:87 (H0), 1:100, 1:120 (TT), 1:144, 1:160 (N), 1:200, 1:220 (Z), 1:225
Granulation: Fine
Type: Flock
Color: Green Tones
Perfekt-Set Rechts & links der Gleise
Creating the perfect railway embankment in just a few steps
To create the perfect railway track environment, it’s best to take it step by step.
Start with our Foliage. With it, you can design groundcover, weeds and vegetation along the railway embankment.
Grass Tufts are then glued on as the taller shrubs on the second level.
Now only bushes and small trees are missing. You can create these easily with seafoam, Grass Tufts and Structured Flock.

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Structured Flock

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