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PROFI Grass Tufts

It’s all in the blend! NOCH PROFI Grass Tufts are particularly realistic through the use of different grass fibres, stones, scatter and flock. This allows special tufts to be created for very special applications. The PROFI Grass Tufts are suitable for designing model railway layouts and landscapes but are also ideal for railway modellers who want to decorate a diorama or model base. The PROFI grass tufts "stony" are particularly suitable for the design of roadsides and stony slopes as well as Mediterranean fields, beaches and overgrown dunes due to the light colouring of the stones.

Application Tip:
NOCH Landscaping Glue (ref. 61133) is suitable for glueing on the tufts individually. If you’d like to integrate the tufts into a meadow, for example,you can also place them on the surface previously coated with NOCH Grass Glue (ref. 61130 or 61131). Finally, apply scatter, flock and grass fibres as usual and thus wonderfully "integrate" the tufts to form a homogenous green area.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246069200
Gauge: H0, TT, N, Z, 0, 1, G
Scale: 1:22,5 (G), 1:43 (0), 1:87 (H0), 1:120 (TT), 1:160 (N), 1:220 (Z)
Product Notices: Laser cut
Type: Grass-Decoration, Stones / Gravel
Color: Green Tones, Grey Tones
Laser-Cut Wirtshaus mit Biergarten + Cross Promotion
City, country, river!
With this "City, Country, River" theme world, you don't have to puzzle for long, because from A-Z you'll find lovingly designed, unique products that are guaranteed to have never been on your (shopping) list before.

⛵🌳 🚞
Because the themed world is as diverse as your model layout and allows you to create a remarkable individual layout. No matter whether you are a city person, a country lover or a space romantic!
Easily Design Detailed Meadows and Fields
You can easily glue the Grass Tufts and Flowers into your landscape. First, remove the plants from the packaging with tweezers and provide them with a drop of glue. Hot glue or NOCH Landscaping Glue is best suited to this. You can then insert the plants into the desired place. In this way, beautiful details can be achieved on the fields and meadows of your model railway layout in a short space of time.

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PROFI Grass Tufts "Stony"

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Item ref. 61133
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Item ref. 61130

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