Realistic, Just Like Real Track Ballast!

Ballast and stones play a very important role in the realistic design of model landscapes. Track ballast is usually mined regionally and therefore reflects the colour of the rocks and stones in that region. With the new types of ballast by NOCH, you can, among other things, ballast your track beds extremely realistically.

The ballast is available in four different colours and two different grain sizes for H0, TT, N and Z gauge. The types look great when mixed with each other. This creates completely new, custom colours.

In addition, coal is new to the range for designing locomotives and depots. It consists of a material that looks confusingly similar to real coal! The grain size of the PROFI Ballast “Granite” is 0.1–0.6 mm.

EAN: 4007246091638
Weight: 0.26 kg
Gauge: N, Z
Scale: 1:160, 1:220 (Z)
Granulation: Fine
Color: White, Grey Tones
The perfect track bed in just a few steps
In order to create a perfect track bed, we recommend that you first use NOCH Cork Track Beds as a track underlay. The Cork Track Beds not only have a sound-absorbing effect but also bring off the look of a raised ballast bed. Once the rails are placed on the cork track bed and affixed, the Ballast is scattered on loosely. The NOCH Shaker is very helpful for this. Then, the Ballast is spread over the spaces between the sleepers with a paintbrush. To affix the Ballast permanently, drizzle some NOCH Ballast Glue over it at the end.

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October 28, 2021 06:41

No track without ballast bed

even with Roco Geoline and line with bed one can superb the bed with ballast, but the best is of course using it in tracks without bed with of course Noch glue, which makes messy work cleaner.

PROFI Ballast “Granite”

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