Cover Substructures Perfectly

Modelling Plaster Cloth XL

You can cover substructures made of Landscaping Aluminium Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh Paper, or Landscape Crepe Paper with these special Plaster Bandages.

The construction becomes particularly stable when several layers of bandages are applied to the substructure.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246609826
Weight: 0.79 kg
Gauge: H0, TT, N, Z, 0, 1, G, H0m, H0e
Scale: 1:22,5, 1:35, 1:43 (0), 1:45, 1:50, 1:72, 1:87 (H0), 1:100, 1:120 (TT), 1:144, 1:160, 1:200, 1:220 (Z), 1:225
This is how you ensure a stable substructure
NOCH Modelling Plaster Cloth is ideal for stabilising your mountain substructure made of Landscaping Aluminium Wire Mesh. For this purpose, the Modelling Plaster Cloth is first cut into 15 to 20 cm long pieces. Briefly immerse the pieces in lukewarm water and then lay the wet plaster cloth on your substructure. To optimally stabilise your substructure, the individual pieces of cloth should always overlap the previous piece by about half. Once you’ve attached the pieces of cloth, spread on the plaster evenly by hand.

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Modelling Plaster Cloth XL

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