Connect Layouts of Different Heights!

The add-on circle in H0 gauge with a track radius of 481.2/542.8 mm

Each helix can be built up rising to the left or the right. The Complete Kit contains all required pillars, track segments and detailed instructions for assembly. You’ll need one base circle for every helix. The number of add-on circles required depends on the height you want to bridge.

What is a helix?

A helix is a spiral on which a train runs from one level to another higher or lower one, meaning it travels up or down the helix. The helix has the same gradient at every point so that even long trains can master big height differences without any issues.

When do you need a helix?

The possible uses are wide-ranging. Here are some examples:

  • To reach a higher or lower level.
  • To get to a fiddle yard beneath the layout.
  • To connect two layouts of different heights.

How do I ensure that the trains don’t derail along the bends in the helix?

The outer bends of the helix are elevated by 3 mm. This significantly improves driving safety and reduces rolling resistance.

Which versions of LAGGIES Helix are available?

Helices are offered for H0 and N gauges – precisely tailored to the special conditions of individual railway manufacturers. All helices can be built up either rising to the left or the right.

How can I bridge bigger height differences with a helix?

A so-called base circle is required for each helix. This base circle comprises the entrance into the helix and the exit out of the helix. Any number of add-on circles can be placed on this base circle, depending on the height difference the train is supposed to tackle.

The base circle: the base circle comprises 1 ½ circles. The headroom height as well as the entrance and exit are achieved with a base circle.

The add-on circle: the add-on circle comprises a full circle. Any number of add-on circles can be placed on a base circle. In this way, even the biggest height differences can easily be overcome in the smallest of spaces.

What does the LAGGIES Helix consist of?

The kit comprises precisely milled track segments made of 4 mm thick plywood and ingeniously matching pillars and brackets.

GTIN/EAN: 4007246531073
Weight: 0.44 kg
Gauge: H0
Scale: 1:87 (H0)

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LAGGIES Add-on Helix, track radius 481/542,8 mm,

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