Interior Tunnel Wall for Tunnel Entrances

Your model landscape gains authenticity with the Interior Tunnel Walls made of structured hard foam. Tunnel entrances on your model landscape look even more realistic. A left and a right Curved Interior Tunnel Wall, each with a length of 100 mm, are included in the set.

The masonry of the interior walls corresponds to the well-known NOCH “Stone Wall PROFI plus” hard foam series.

NOCH PROFI Structured Hard Foam is the perfect material – and there are many good reasons for this: the Interior Tunnel Walls are very lightweight yet still stable; they are extremely realistic and can easily be reworked with a Stanley knife and cut to the correct size.

Note: the “Curved Interior Tunnel Wall” is suitable for everything in the Stone Wall PROFI plus hard foam series.

EAN: 4007246580316
Length: 100 mm
Weight: 0.085 kg
Gauge: H0, H0m, H0e
Scale: 1:87 (H0)
Product Notices: Hand colored
Color: Grey Tones

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October 27, 2021 17:31

Very realistic

Very realistic and easy to use! the tunnel interior is perfect!

Interior Tunnel Wall, curved

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