Easy-Track Railway Route Kit "Andreastal"

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MSRP €149.99

Available from 10/2021

Outer dimensions of constructed routes: 195.5 x 117 cm, height 19.5 cm

Minimum floorspace required for assembly: 210 x 120 cm

Notice: Model building item

Details Easy-Track Railway Route Kit "Andreastal"

NOCH Easy-Track – The Easy Way to a Personalised Layout!

Easy-Track Railway Route Kit “Andreastal”

Easy-Track is a model railway reconceptualised, because Easy-Track relieves you of the time-consuming and painstaking steps of track planning. You immediately start building your personalised model railway layout in the size of 210 x 125 cm. Easy-Track contains everything you need to get cracking on building the track layout: the tracks for your custom dream layout are already pre-cut, the pillars for the route only have to be stuck together, and detailed instructions illustrate how to assemble the Easy-Track railway route system. And of course all the important track plans are included in the Railway Route Kit. All you need are rails from the manufacturer of your choice and a base plate. Thanks to the well thought out Easy-Track system, building your track layout goes off without a hitch.

Your layout could look like Andreas Theis’ prototype. Or maybe completely different? It’s in your hands: thanks to the Easy-Track Kit, you can design the model landscape in line with your own ideas. However, we’ve taken the technically complex track planning off your hands. All parts such as lane segments, pillars and base plates for constructing the routing shown below can be found in the kit, along with a 1:1 assembly plan.

Included in the set:

  • 1:1 plot track plan
  • Track plans for Märklin C-/K-Track, TRIX C-Track, PIKO A-Track and Roco Line without Bed
  • 59 pillars; maximum pillar height: 19.5 cm, minimum pillar height: 11.5 cm
  • 2 circle segments, 30°
  • 9 circle segments, 60°
  • 9 straight lane segments
  • 9 curved lane segments
  • Wood screws

In addition to the individual parts for constructing the Railway Route System, the kit also contains the new Easy-Track Guidebook, which clearly explains how to build the layout pictured here step by step.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces

Video Easy-Track Railway Route Kit "Andreastal"