Waste Containers & Ashcans

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Contents: 2 Dustbins, various Rubbish Bins, Bottle Bank, Metal Recycling Bin and Skip

Notice: Model building item

Details Waste Containers & Ashcans

The "Waste Containers & Ashcans" Accessories Set contains a variety of containers to dispose your trash in the city. They are a fixture in any modern city and should not miss from any realistic model landscape.

Accessories Sets

Everyone who values a realistic design of themed sceneries, can find a lot of ideas in the NOCH product range: from a icecream parlor to a service Station for cars, from gravestones to accessories for beach scences. Every set contains a variety of different, hand-painted accessories items, all matching the corresponding theme.

Bring life to your model landscape with the NOCH Accessories Sets. Often the small details will have a great Impact.

Packaging Unit: 1 Set