Railway Officials

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Available from 12/2021
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Details Railway Officials

There is something going on on the platform!

Premiere: Figures for the LGB® Garden Railway
G Gauge Figures

The NOCH Figures range continues to grow. For the first time, we’re offering four sets each with three figures for the Lehmann Garden Railway (LGB®, 1:22.5 scale). The very realistically moulded figures are handpainted and waterproof.

The NOCH figures range continues to grow. For the first time we offer four sets with each three figures for the Lehmann Großbahn (LGB®, scale 1:22.5). The very realistically designed figures are hand-painted and weatherproof.
The miniature figures in scale 1:22.5 "Railway Officials" are ideal to create a fantastic landscape with moving elements for this special model railway gauge. The "Railway Officials" try to keep everything under control at the tumultuous station and the engine driver waves to greet them. Create an even more creative diorama with these high-quality reproduced figures from NOCH. The NOCH figures leave nothing to be desired and thus enable a lively landscape design.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces