Mega-Spar-Set “Sitzende”

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60 Figures, without Benches

Notice: Model building item

Details Mega-Spar-Set “Sitzende”

Simply Painted at a Budget Price!
NOCH Hobby Figures
It has never been more economic to populate a model landscape with figures. Each Mega Economy Figures Set includes 60 hand painted sitting model railway figures.
The Hobby Figures are painted more simply than the »classic« NOCH Figures. Ideal for decorating stations or public places. Optimally to positon in the background or  in scenes which are farther away. Ideal for presenting a crowd of people.
By clipping or filing the legs, the figures can also be put  into wagons or other vehicles.

You can recognize the particularly favourable NOCH Hobby Figures through their red packaging.

Packaging Unit: 1 Set