Easily Recreate Designs of Connected Bridges

The NOCH “Double Bridge Piers” are ideal for recreating connected bridges on a model landscape. Bridges give a landscape scene an even more realistic appearance. Bridges can be found all over the world. They connect two different places; for example, in a city or in the country. There is often a river under the bridge. The train drives over the bridges built in the landscape and brings passengers or goods to their destination. Whether it’s between mountains, over a body of water or in the middle of the landscape, a bridge can be used in a variety of ways and transforms a model landscape into a realistic replica with little effort. A landscape can be made into a very idyllic and lovely design with the “Lattice Truss Bridge” and it’s as if the train were actually driving. The plastic bridges are genuinely difficult to tell apart from the originals, show great attention to detail and are simple to set up.

EAN: 4007246214204
Height: 94 mm
Weight: 0.04 kg
Gauge: H0

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October 27, 2021 18:31

Am Ende doch die für mich richtige Lösung

Auf meiner Anlage "Burgstein" schlängelt sich eine Gitterbrücke (360mm) mit vier weiteren gebogenen Brückenteilen quer über die Anlagenteile. Einige Versuche mit Selbstbau-Brückenpfeilern hatten nicht das gewünschte Ergebnis, viel zu wuchtig. Mit den Doppelpfeilern, etwas farblich behandelt, bin ich sehr zufrieden.

Double Bridge Pier

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