Wild Grass, golden yellow

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golden yellow, 9 mm, 50 g bag

Notice: Model building item

Details Wild Grass, golden yellow

New grass assortments for even more realistic scenes

The NOCH "Wild Grass, golden yellow" is a very finely cut, special litter material. The individual grasses have a deceptively real quality. It is ideal for recreating meadows or fields and giving a landscape even more lifelike scenes.
We are adding three more colors and lengths to our large grass fiber assortment. You can find the entire large selection with more than 50 different grass fibers online or in the NOCH main catalog.

Lush green meadows should not be missing - cows graze on them, children play in the large wide fields and the forest animals seek shelter here. Bring this realistic scene to any layout.

Contents: 50.00 g
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 9.00 mm

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