Front Extension Layout

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200 x 20 cm, shortable
Extension with incline combines the left and right extension.

Notice: Model building item

Details Front Extension Layout

The Front Extension Layout is ideal if you want to add an side extension layout with 120 cm depth to an layout with a depth of only 100 cm.

Extend Your Layout However and Whenever You Want!
Our comprehensive range of extension options allows you to extend your preformed model railway layout whenever your want to: right at the start or some time later. This way, you can even extend a small layout and crete a larger installation over time - piece by piece.

Extending your layout is incredibly easy: The extension pieces are delivered - just like the preformed layouts - mounted on a stable wooden frame. The extension pieces and the preformed layouts can be simply screwed together with the enclosed mounting plate System.

The lovely landscapes are painted and greened carefully and - if required - underlays for the tunnels and a bridge construction kit is also enclosed. The "Storage Yard" extension piece you can create a storage yard station hidden under the layout.

The Transformer Panel can be added to the front of the layout installtion. If there is not enough space for your transformer or to add assistence consoles, then it is basically a pre-requisite. The Transformer Panel is delivered as a construction kit with all the necessary mounting plates and screws for setting it up.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 2000.00 mm
Width: 200.00 mm
Height: 75.00 mm

Video Front Extension Layout