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250 g bag

Notice: Model building item

Details Pebbles

The fine and medium sand granules can create great beaches by the sea, a swimming or man-made lake.
Further matching accessories can be found in the NOCH range, such as: Palm, Bathers and the Pedal Boat, each for H0 gauge.

Contents: 250.00 g
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces

How-to-tip Pebbles

Design Idea “Country Lane”
Gravel and Sand can be used to make realistic country lanes. A particularly nice detail is the grass turf in the middle, which can be represented with Grass Strips. For rural designs, the Field Fence, Cows, Field Plants and Wild Flowers, for example, are suitable.

Sand and Gravel
Something was missing: Sand and Gravel!
You can design beautiful dream beaches and realistic country lanes with these fine, natural products. The Sand is available in two granulations: fine and medium. The Gravel is much coarser, though perfectly complements the colour of the Sand. All three products can also be used mixed together.