KATO - Precision Railroad Models and N Scale UNITRACK Track System

KATO's slogan "Precision Railroad Models" is not an empty promise, it describes the advantages of this Japanese brand perfectly. Prototypical models with high level of detail in top quality compared with finest technology enabled the Japanese market leader KATO to build a solid international reputation. Above all KATO models enjoy great popularity in the USA. But also in Germany the number of KATO fans is increasing steadily. This is a good reason for us to distribute these excellent models from the Far East in Europe.

Besides the increasing number of German models you will find a lot of US locomotives and cars in the KATO range. Additionally NOCH distributes the first class KATO N scale track system UNITRACK. Also the innovative street track system UNITRAM has many fans here. Both systems have a special feature: The tracks are very easy to join and the audible “click” gives you the certainty of a solid connection between the tracks. You will find more information at www.kato-unitrack.de

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This will take you directly to the latest arrivals and announcements of KATO in H0 and N scale. Here you will find all new product ranges of Japanese, US and German models as well as UNITRACK and UNITRAM.

KATO Updates

N Scale Track System


  • The innovative and compact city tram system for N scale fans
  •

Master and Variation Sets

  • Versatile, good value, diversified
  • Perfect for beginners and exendable!
  •

VT18.16 DR - BR175 DR

  • The legend of the East German State Railway

Glacier Express

  • The world's slowest express train!

North America

  • Popular trains and legends of the US railroad history
  • Locomotives and cars