Company Chronicle from 1911 until Today

In 2011 the company NOCH celebrated its 100th birthday. It is surely not self-evident that a company may celebrate its 100th birthday.

The company was found 1911 as a plumbers workshop in Saxon. During the 100 years the company got throuth two World Wars and the flight from the nationalization in the GDR. For 75 years NOCH has dealt with model railway accessories. At the beginning it distributed model railway accessories at the side, later an own manufactory was established that developed step by step into the current company. For 50 years we have been located in Wangen im Allgäu, a region in South Germany. NOCH is  owner-managed in the 4th generation engaging over 80 employees today.
In the 100 years old company history there are many technical improvements and innovations that revolutionized the model landscaping hobby such as the preformed landscape layouts in 1961, the first electrostatically flocked grass mat in 1963, the super realistic hard foam portals from 1983 on and the Gras-Master that has guaranteed perfect grass application for everybody since 2005. Even in the jubilee year we ventured again on the field of modern technique and innovative production methods: The new Laser-Cut+ Building Kits are a milestone in the production of modern model buildings.

Here we thank all faithful business friends and customers who made it possible for NOCH to celebrate the 100th birthday. 

We wish you a lot of fun with model landscaping.

Your NOCH Team


NOCH celebrates its 110th anniversary.


1. NOCH Online Fair has taken place! Experience the "fair feeling" even in times of Corona - comfortably and safely from home! Unfortunately, all model railway fairs in 2020 - e.g. Intermodellbau in Dortmund and Faszination Modellbau in Sinsheim - have been cancelled or postponed due to current developments around COVID-19. But were thinking: a spring without a model making fair is not a real spring. This is how the 1. NOCH Online Fair was created!


The NOCH Innovation: 3D Printing Models in series Production! Those who follow the current news in modelling magazines and who are interested in technology will have already heard of it: the 3D printing production revolution. As with the introduction of the Laser-Cut technology, NOCH is a leading light of this innovative production technology and offer these new 3D minis for the first time this year: models which set new benchmarks for detail – »Fine Scale« in series production! The 3D minis, ready assembled and realistically painted, can be directly placed on your model landscape.


This year we celebrate a small anniversary: The miniature model figures of NOCH will be 20 years old! In 1997 we launched the first figure-set on the market. In the meantime model figures are one of our most important pillars so that we are glad to say that we have developed to a leading manufacturer of model figures. For many years our model figures have been available in H0, TT, N and Z scale. Today our figures range comprises over 250 figure sets.


In 2015 we started our automatic warehouse at our Head Office in Wangen / Allgäu. The new construction of hall 3 and the installation of the automatic warehouse have been the highest investment in the company’s history. Thanks to the new warehouse system we are prepared for our future target of being efficient in warehousing and dispatching numerous products.


Opening of the NOCH Modellbau-Welt (NOCH Model Building World).


NOCH celebrates its 100th anniversary.


30 years after the end of model buildings NOCH launches own model buildings. The Laser-Cut+ houses set a new quality benchmark.


Another new production hall ist added.


The first series of delicate accessories manufactured with the modern Laser-Cut technology are produced.


NOCH introduces the revolutionary Gras-Master® that makes it possible for all to electrostatically cover model landscapes with grass fibres.


A new office is built.


The fourth generation, Dr. Rainer Noch, joins the company. He launches the NOCH model figures.


In the late 1970´s Peter Noch, Erich’s son, joined the company. Together, father and son managed the company until Erich died in 1989.


NOCH simplifies the construction of model landscapes with its new TERRA-FORM system.


The development of an innovative hardfoam allows the first production of extremely realistic walls and tunnel portals. This new material enables NOCH also to start a new business with sales displays.


NOCH brings the model building series to an end.


Owing to its increasing success NOCH has an extension to its factory to enlarge the production.


Peter Noch, the son of Erich Noch, develops highly detailed NOCH injection moulded trees.


Electrostatically covered grass mats are launched.


The company NOCH relocates to Wangen in the Allgäu region. For the first time model railroad tunnels are manufactured using modern vacuum thermoforming technology.


In Nuremberg NOCH presents his new product range at the Toy Fair for the first time. Except for the model railway rolling stock all of the products were designed in Glauchau.


In September Erich Noch escapes from the GDR and restarts the business in Maisach near Munich. Here he builds ready-made model railway layouts for private customers.


First participation in the spring fair in Leipzig.


Under the pressure of the socialistic government of the GDR NOCH nearly collapses. But the company remains because of private loans.


The first NOCH Catalogue is published including its own products including tunnels and background models. At the end of the year the first NOCH model railway rolling stock is available.


After the War Erich Noch returns from the captivity and starts the company again. To earn money he builds complete model railway layouts for rich customers.


As Erich Noch has been conscripted, he suspended the company in Glauchau until the end of the war.


NOCH starts selling model buildings manufactured by its resident carpenter Hecker.


The company moves to 5 Nikolai Street and starts distributing Märklin model railways.


Erich Noch founds the "Engineering Office NOCH“ as a subsidiary of his father's workshop.


Oswald Noch founds his plumbers workshop in Glauchau (Saxony).