Versatile applications of the Landscaping Spray Glue
The Landscaping Spray Glue is a real all-rounder with countless applications.
On the one hand, Landscaping Spray Glue is used for glueing. To add foliage to bushes, trees and shrubs, the tree blank is moistened with spray glue and then sprinkled with Leaves, Flock or Structured Flock. Once dry, the tree is again sprayed with spray glue in order to fix the foliage.
To use the Landscaping Spray Glue for fixing, the material to be fixed, such as Scree, Ballast or Flock, is first applied loose and then sprayed in with Landscaping Spray Glue.
Once dry, further layers can be sprinkled on and fixed in place to achieve more volume.
The Landscaping Spray Glue is also optimally suited to sealing objects that have already been designed. To do this, simply spray the glue on the surface, such as flocked trees or bushes and ready-made vegetation. In this way, the durability and stability of the object is improved.


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